Wee Flowers


Berlin Wall by Wee Flowers
in Verdun

March 2014

One of the few remaining pieces of the Berlin Wall – with my image on it – is now at the Centre Mondial de la Paix ( World Peace Centre ) in Verdun. Remember, the other one is in Schengen, Luxembourg!

World Centre for Peace, Verdun
17th of March 2014
inaugurated by Hubertus Legge, Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany


Wee Flowers exhibition Sex, Wine & Rock’n’Roll

OPENING Sep. 12th, 2013, 19h
Exhibition at Smiling Kangaroohs, Berlin

Expect more Rockers and Rollers and some sexy Portraits of Band-Aids and Groupies on top.


Smiling Kangaaroohs
Goltzstr.45, 10781 Berlin
Open: Mo-Fr 13 – 19 h / Sat 11-16 h

Wee Flowers paintings: NEXT STOP Hamburg

Opening 23.5.2013

The show goes on the road..!
NEXT STOP: Hamburg.

Lovely Cosma Shiva will be hosting me and my „ROCK“ collection portraits of „not yet dead“ rock stars at her fabulous place called

sichtbar, located at Fischmarkt 5 in R’n’R head quarter Hamburg


Wee Flowers at Me Myself And I • Group Show by & with Danielle de Picciotto

March/April 2013, Groupshow, Berlin

Group show with 18 artists in kreuzberg!

Artists presented will be:
Katy Beale, Melbourne
Paula Bogati, Berlin
Françoise Cactus, Berlin
Breeda CC, Berlin
Kiddy Citny, Berlin
Danielle de Picciotto, Berlin
Thomas Draschan, Berlin
Wee Flowers, Berlin
Andrew Greif, Berlin
Karen Kolterman, Berlin
Anita Lane, Melbourne
Heiko Müller, Hamburg
Cornelius Perino, Berlin
Patrick Pilsl, Berlin
Betty Stürmer, Berlin
Keven E Taylor, South Carolina
Kai Teichert, Berlin
Deborah Wargon, Berlin
Tina Winkhaus, Berlin

With special musical self portrait by
Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten)

Schau Fenster – Schauraum für Kunst
Lobeckstraße 30-35, 10969 Berlin


Wee Flowers at Keep a breast

Early October 2011

Wee’s trip to Paris.
It was a pleasure to join the KEEP A BREAST Foundation charity event at the Citadium in co-operation with OBEY


Willy (distribution Obey Paris)
Lorene (KAB)
Nicolas (Obey Europe)
Wee Flowers (Strychnin Gallery artist)
…more Info on www.keep-a-breast.org/europe

Wee Flowers Solo Show at Strychnin Gallery

March 11th, 2011


Wee Flowers about this exhibition:
“On a rainy November night one year ago the phone rang in the salon.
There was a notary of the chancellery Rutton, Blackminster & Tromp
Limited from London who would like to speak to me about an inheritance.

He told me tender-heartedly, that I was now the heiress to the Otterbourne
Mansion in London, a formerly charming estate that is currently in a rather
unfortunate condition. Urgently needed is the repair of the roof.

After I had seen my house, and found only a few sellable – fairly curious – objects
in the attic, hardly enough to pay the reparation, I decided to paint portraits
of my family in order to put them up for sale in this exhibition.“


Wee Flowers at Art Fair 21

November 2010

ART FAIR 21 in Köln | Kunstmesse/ArtFair | 29.10.10 – 1.11.10

Wee Flowers sold the painting „Miss O.“ (top right on the photo).


Wee Flowers also presented her brand new piece
„POETRY AND POISON – The Dangerous Diary of Silvina O.“
(see picture) at the booth of Strychnin Gallery – Berlin / New York / London.


In the poetry book – containing detailed information about the work of
Silvina O. as a poisoner – one can find the clue for the hidden key.
It is in the book with the title: Gösta Berling
The key opens the cabinet with the portrait

There is only ONE key …so be careful.

The cabinet measures 35 cm x 45 cm
The shelf measures 40 cm x 60 cm

Wee Flowers at Strychnin

March 2010

Strychnin Gallery presents: Childhood Heroes, Charity Groupshow
Wee Flowers presents a new drawing.
The exhibition runs until April 4th.


Wee Flowers at Strychnin

February 2010

Strychnin Gallery presents:
The 7 Year Itch. Anniversary Group Show featuring over 60 Artists
Wee Flowers will be presenting the new „Glamour Style“ painting/s.
Meet Ms. Flowers on the opening night: February 12th at 7 pm
The exhibition runs until March 7th


Wee Flowers at Strychnin

December 2010

Strychnin Gallery presented Xmas Luau!!!
Wee Flowers took part in the INTERNATIONAL TIKI ART GROUP SHOW
From Dec. 11th 2009 until Jan. 31st 2010.
Meet Miss FLowers at the opening night on Dec. 11th.


Wee Flowers at Art Fair21

ART FAIR 21 in Köln | Kunstmesse/ArtFair | 29.10.09 – 1.11.09

Wee Flowers presented her brand new piece „CHERCHEZ LA FEMME !“ (see video)
At the booth of Strychnin Gallery – Berlin / New York / London.

The Story of Salome Otterbourne

At the beginning of the last century Lady Salome Otterbourne, the widow of Sir Theodore Otterbourne, and her daughter Silvina were respected members of London’s society. When Lady Salome was shot while travelling in Egypt her corpse was returned to England and buried at the Highgate cemetery with a rather pompous funeral attended by the upper crust.
Weeks later Scotland Yard vividly started investigating the abrupt stop of a series of unexplained murders – all of them poisonings – in connection with the demise of Lady Otterbourne. Further research led to an address in Mayfair where the police found a very well hidden chest in the cellar containing a pile of meticulously kept journals with names, dates, various chemical compounds,a lot of money and two portraits – depicting the young Lady Otterbourne. One was showing a teenage Salome proudly wearing a semi-precious brooch with the initials “PCA” ( “ Perfect Crime Award” )…

Cherchez La Femme ! – 64 x 64 x 12 cm, acrylic and varnish on wood

Wee Flowers at Art Fair 21

Kunstmesse ART FAIR 21 | 3.10.08 – 5.10.08

Wee Flowers presented her brand new piece „OUI MON CAPITAINE“ (see video)
at the booth of Strychnin Gallery – Berlin / New York / London.